Cordalera FAQ

Common Questions

Can LVP flooring be installed in a basement?2023-08-11T03:50:46+00:00

Absolutely, you are able to install in a basement with the Cordalera LVP collections Enduro & Enduro Max. In fact, our Luxury Vinyl flooring was made for areas that are naturally more wet or have more moisture than other parts of our building.

What is the difference between LVP and SPC?2022-08-07T00:17:04+00:00

Typically, you will find that LVP or LVT are made with a much less stone content – usually 50%-60%. The Cordalera SPC for both Enduro and Enduro Max Collections use 72% stone. This difference in materials is what allows the Cordalera SPC to stand up to heat, sunlight and uv rays. The higher stone content gives our product more stability through out ALL seasons.

Would you recommend LVP for a person with Allergies?2023-08-11T03:50:17+00:00

Yes, we think our Luxury Vinyl Flooring Plank product should be fine for 99.9999% of people. Generally, we find that the main allergy you could have is to aluminum oxide.

Can the Cordalera SPC be in sun?2022-08-07T21:41:54+00:00

Yes, Cordalera SPC / LVP flooring is made with high grade materials and a high stone content. The high stone content allows our material to be place in any part of your house, sun included!

Do you have a warranty?2022-08-11T13:35:01+00:00

Yes, the Cordalera warranty can be found here. https://cordalerafloors.com/spc-warranty/

Technical Questions

Is the Cordalera LVP easy to install or click together?2023-08-11T03:49:57+00:00

A major feature of the Cordalera LVP flooring is that it uses the Valinge 2.0  system. This system is one of the easiest systems to use and is a contractor favorite.

Is the SPC padding attached?2022-08-07T00:42:46+00:00

The EVA pad is attached at the factory for the best results.

Is the Cordalera SPC actually waterproof?2022-08-07T01:26:18+00:00

Yes, our flooring is unaffected by water.

What is embossing?2022-08-07T00:46:58+00:00

Emossing gives our product a natural look. This is done by having height variations to give a unique and real appearance. Cheaper products do not use emobossing because it is more expensive, however, the lack of embossing makes the product look fake and flat.

What does SPC mm mean?2022-08-07T00:49:24+00:00

In SPC talk, mm means the thickness of the product. An example is 2.5mm would be much thinner than say a 6.5mm product. The thicker products last longer and naturally have much less issues since they are a higher end product. Typically products with a lower mm will break at the grooves where the SPC attaches. For this reason Cordalera only uses 5.5mm and 6.5mm products.

What does SPC mil mean?2022-08-07T00:51:16+00:00

In SPC flooring talk, mil is the thickness of the clear finish. Mil is NOT the tickness of the product. You will generally find that almost all products are 12mil and 20mil for their wear layer ratings. 12mil is great for homes and 20mil is meant for commercial applications. However, we give a commercial warranty for both mil thicknesses.

What is your SPC core?2022-08-07T00:52:10+00:00

Stone and some virgin PVC. The Cordalera Stone rating is 72% making if very durable and great for hot, sunny rooms/areas.

Installation Questions

Am I able to install Cordalera LVP over radiant heating?2023-08-11T03:51:33+00:00

Absolutely, yes, you are able to install over radiant heating. The Cordalera brand luxury vinyl flooring is very stable and has higher stone content than other brands.

How do I install Cordalera LVP?2023-08-11T03:51:17+00:00

Installation of Luxury Vinyl Flooring is easy and requires a few tools. You are able to read about installation in-depth here. https://cordalerafloors.com/spc-installation-instructions/

Do I need waterproofing or use an underlayment with LVP?2023-08-11T03:51:03+00:00

No, Cordalersa LVP flooring does not require an underlayment. However, if you have a concrete subfloor that is wet, we advise using a liquid moisture barrier to not allow water through which could possibly create mold in the perfect circumstances.

Do I need to Acclimate the LVP flooring?2023-08-11T03:49:40+00:00

Acclimation is not necessary with the Cordalera Luxury Vinyl flooring. Since the collections have such a high stone content and are waterproof – normal conditions will not affect the flooring.


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