Moldings consistently spark a significant discussion when it comes to both luxury vinyl flooring and engineered hardwood flooring. The issue with moldings is their persistent lack of harmony, straightforward as that. The underlying cause is clear: many companies prioritize the sale of the flooring itself, relegating the importance of complementary moldings to a secondary concern. At Cordalera, we find this dynamic intriguing albeit disheartening. We universally understand that the final stages of any project are where precision truly counts. Moldings possess the capability to either enhance or undermine a flawlessly executed endeavor. Consequently, we’ve made substantial investments to ensure that our moldings not only meet but impeccably match all of our flooring options.

So How are Cordalera Modlings Different?

Differing from the majority of companies, we produce our materials on-site at our manufacturing facility. This implies that every single molding is crafted from the very same flooring film we create. The outcome is an absolute assurance that our luxury vinyl moldings consistently and precisely match our floors without exception. This unique approach empowers us to present a comprehensive solution that not only enhances the aesthetics of your project but also provides a thorough sense of finality when you seamlessly integrate the last few transition strips into the flooring.

Cordalera Stair Nose is Real Stair Nose!

Gone are the times of using an overlay stair nose. The Cordalera stair nose embodies a design reminiscent of traditional hardwood flooring nosing. Consequently, the Cordalera stair nose aligns perfectly with the Cordalera luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring you lay down, creating a visually uninterrupted and harmonious floor surface. For a closer look, feel free to explore our moldings page at