Bruneau Dunes

Picture yourself camping in the valley of a sand dune; feeling the warm wind brush past your face as you take in the deep sunset and hug a mug of something warm close to your chest. Bruneau Dunes SPC brings this feeling home with sandy desert tones beautifully contrasting darker veins. Bruneau Dunes was designed to bring character and adventure to your space. What are you waiting for?

Thickness – 5.5MM Structure – SPC 74% Stone
Wear Layer – 20MIL Pad – 1.5MM EVA Padding
Width – 7-1/4″ Coating – UV Aluminum Oxide

Enduro Features:

A MICRO-BEVEL. This means the bevels (the little spaces between each plank) won’t be defined, which creates a seamless look after final installation.

All Cordalera LVP Styles Offer:

  • 100% waterproof, kidproof, petproof guarantee
  • Easy installation with no acclimation period
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty coverage
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certification
  • 74% Stone (read/watch more here)
  • Valinge 2g System (read/watch more here)

Why Stone Matters for Luxury Vinyl

Understanding stone content is crucial when selecting luxury vinyl flooring. Products with a lower stone composition are often plagued by issues and a higher likelihood of failure. In contrast, options with a higher stone content, such as Cordalera, offer remarkable durability and stability, maintaining their integrity across a range of temperatures. This makes them suitable for any room, free from the common concerns associated with their lower-stone counterparts. While floors with less stone may appear more budget-friendly initially, their susceptibility to problems can lead to greater expense and inconvenience over time.

Secure Your Floor with Valinge 2g

Have you ever encountered a floor where the planks have separated or broken? This is the result of an inferior click system. We’ve rigorously evaluated various click systems, and the Valinge 2G stands out—not just for its higher price point, but as the premier choice for luxury vinyl flooring worldwide. With the Valinge system, once the planks are locked together, they stay securely in place. The issues of cracks and broken planks should never be overlooked, yet many shoppers underestimate the critical role of a reliable click system when selecting flooring.

Guaranteed Matching Molding Options

Few things are more frustrating than completing a flooring project, whether professionally or as a DIY endeavor, only to find that the moldings don’t match. The vast majority of flooring brands overlook the importance of moldings, showing little concern for coordinating colors with products from other companies. At Cordalera, we understand that moldings can make or break the overall look of a flooring project. Our unique approach involves creating our moldings directly at the flooring factory using the same film colors, ensuring a seamless match. While this commitment to quality means we invest more in our moldings, it guarantees a flawless finish for every project.


Quick Help

Detailed Specs

  • Surface Layer: UV Scratch Resistant Protective Coating
  • Structure: SPC (74% Stone) flooring with attached pad
  • Thickness: 5.5mm
  • Width: 7.2”
  • Length: 48”
  • Wear layer: 20 mil
  • Groove Type: Valinge 2.0 (contractor favorite)
  • Texture: Embossed
  • Gloss Level: Matte
  • Edge treatment: Micro-bevel
  • Accessories: Exact Match moldings
  • Installation: Click System
  • Radiant Heat:             Yes
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Residential & 5 years Commercial
  • Carton Size: 28.63
  • Pallet Size: 55 boxes
  • Safety: Floorscore Certified

ASTM Ratings

  • Fire Rating: ASTM E648, Exceeds Class 1 ratings
  • IIC: Impact Insulation Class.  IIC = 66
  • STC: Sound Transition Class. STC = 68
  • ASTM F3261: Rigid Core Specification: Class I, Type B, Backing Class B
  • EN-427: Size & Squareness: Passes, ± 1.0 mm size, < 0.1 mm squareness
  • ASTM F387: Thickness of Flooring w/ Foam Layer: Passes, ± 0.2 mm
  • EN-660-2: Abrasion Loss Passes, < 0.015g
  • ISO 24337: Flatness: Passes, ± 0.2 mm width, < 0.2% length
  • EN 431 Peel Strength Passes, >80N/5cm
  • EN 434 High Temperature Shrinkage Pass, < 0.1%
  • ISO 24337: Joint Ledging: Passes, ≤ 0.15 mm
  • ASTM E648 (NFPA 253) Critical Radiant Flux: Class I, > 1.1 W/cm2
  • ASTM E492-09(2016) Calculated Impact Insulation Class: ICC 52
  • ASTM E90-09(R2016) Calculated Sound Transmission Class: STC 53
  • Certification Floor Score Certificate


  1. Sweep/Swiffer (dry) – Get dust off the floor on a daily basis.
  2. Wet Tack – Once a week or when needed. We recommend the Arboritec Cleaner
  3. Clean up Spills – While 100% waterproof cleaning up spills quickly is advised to prevent falls
  4. Take shoes Off – For a perfect floor walking in socks creates less abrasion that makes for a longer lasting floor.
  5. Moving Appliances – use a 1/4 masonite board to not create any scratches
  6. Use Floor Booties – Chairs and other appliances should have floor booties to protect against scratches and major digs.
  7. No Steam Cleaning – The steam can inbe injected into the SPC flooring and cause issues.

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