Over the past few months, Cordalera Floors has been actively engaged in curating an exciting assortment of new luxury vinyl colors to enhance our collection. Our dedicated efforts focus not only on achieving optimal durability and usability for our floors but also on ensuring a captivating array of colors that resonate with people’s preferences. In alignment with the current trend towards natural and serene hues, Cordalera Floors proudly introduces a fresh lineup of Enduro Max colors within this category. Explore the new colors and delve into informative videos detailing specifications below. We sincerely hope you find them delightful.

In 2024, the trend in interior design has shifted decisively towards neutral colors, and for good reason. Neutral tones, such as soft whites, soothing greys, and earthy beiges, have become the go-to palette for creating timeless, versatile, and sophisticated living spaces. These hues serve as a blank canvas, allowing homeowners to easily incorporate various design elements and personalize their spaces according to evolving tastes. Additionally, neutral colors exude a sense of tranquility and balance, providing a serene backdrop for the chaos of modern life. The versatility of neutral tones extends beyond aesthetic appeal, as they seamlessly adapt to changing trends, making them a smart and enduring choice for those seeking longevity and adaptability in their home decor. In 2024, the popularity of neutral colors continues to rise as homeowners embrace the understated elegance and enduring charm they bring to interiors.

Jump Creek

Jump Creek in Idaho meanders through a sun-drenched canyon, its crystal-clear waters carving through the rugged terrain like a liquid ribbon. As the canyon walls tower above, adorned with vibrant wildflowers and ancient petroglyphs, Jump Creek becomes a captivating oasis, inviting wanderers to explore its hidden nooks and bask in the serenity of its natural wonders.

Jump creek luxury vinyl
Jump Creek


Ponderay, a tranquil gem in northern Idaho, cradles the reflective surface of Lake Pend Oreille with a quiet elegance. As the sun dips behind the surrounding mountains, Ponderay becomes a canvas of serenity, where the fading light kisses the water, casting a warm glow on this idyllic lakeside retreat.



Palouse Falls, a captivating spectacle in eastern Washington, cascades with unrestrained grace, plunging into a rugged canyon surrounded by layers of basalt cliffs. The water’s descent conjures a delicate mist that catches the sunlight, creating iridescent rainbows, while the roar of the falls echoes through the ancient geological formations, etching a vivid portrait of nature’s relentless artistry.


About the Enduro Max Collection by Cordalera Floors

The Enduro Max collection has the same great specs you have come to expect from a brand like Cordalera Floors.

Thickness – 5.5MM
Wear Layer – 20MIL
Width – 7-1/4″
Structure – SPC 74% Stone
Pad – 1.5MM EVA Padding
Coating – UV Aluminum Oxide

The unsung heroes of our Cordalera Luxury Vinyl flooring brand? Well, it’s not just about what you see listed. Our game-changing Valinge 2.0g click system and the strategic infusion of stone content are the powerhouse behind our success. Together, they redefine the game, ensuring unparalleled durability and lasting appeal in every inch of our flooring.

It’s the stone content that sets our product apart, making it adaptable to virtually any environment. No major issues here, unlike other brands that might falter. Meanwhile, the Valinge 2.0g click system is the secret sauce that keeps your floors steadfast and intact for decades to come. It’s the dynamic duo that transforms your space into a haven of enduring beauty and reliability. Welcome to the next level of flooring perfection.