The process of installing Cordalera Luxury Vinyl Flooring is both straightforward and remarkably uncomplicated. Within each box of the product, you’ll find comprehensive instructions meticulously detailing the precise steps required for the flawless installation of your new flooring. Adhering to these instructions isn’t solely crucial for achieving an excellent installation outcome, but also for establishing a resilient and enduring setup for your Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVP).

Upon examining the contents, you’ll observe two instructive videos thoughtfully provided on the right-hand side. One of these videos is presented by a Cordalera staff member, while the other showcases the perspective of a seasoned contractor who regularly procures Cordalera products. In both videos, a fundamental aspect emphasized is the meticulous engagement of the click system, followed by a commencement from the shorter side of the board to facilitate the secure locking-in procedure. The visual representation in the videos serves as an impeccable guide, elucidating the precise techniques to correctly install Luxury Vinyl Flooring, ultimately ensuring an optimal and enduring outcome for your floor.

As you embark on the installation journey, a sequential approach is recommended for seamless execution of the process. Below outlines a systematic order of steps to follow:

  1. Determine Outer Walls: Begin by identifying the outer walls of the designated installation area. This initial assessment is crucial for establishing a clear layout plan.
  2. Measure for Alignment: Precision is key. Measure and ensure that the LVP flooring aligns impeccably straight within the space, contributing to an aesthetically pleasing end result.
  3. Initial Line Fastening: Begin by securing the first line of LVP planks in place. It’s important to note that this initial line will be temporarily fixed, as it will be lifted later in the process.
  4. Placement of Full Flooring: Progress by laying down the first line of full LVP flooring. This will gradually create the foundational layer upon which subsequent planks will be added.
  5. Edge Clearance: Pay meticulous attention to the perimeters of the flooring, ensuring that there is a uniform 1/4″ gap between the edges of the planks and the surrounding walls. This allowance facilitates natural expansion and contraction, preventing potential buckling or warping.
  6. Commence Second Row: Move on to the second row and initiate the clicking mechanism to connect the planks securely. This seamless connection method not only ensures stability but also delivers a polished finish.
  7. Continuous Progression: Carry forward this pattern throughout the entire installation area, systematically connecting each row with precision and care.
  8. Take out first Starter Row: Take out the first row that was nailed/screwed down to ensure your straight line and backfill that one piece of flooring.

By adhering to this comprehensive procedure, you can be confident in achieving an installation that not only exudes elegance and sophistication but also guarantees durability and resilience. The attention to detail showcased in both the written instructions and accompanying videos underscores Cordalera’s commitment to facilitating an installation process that maximizes the potential for success and longevity in your luxurious new flooring.