Prioritizing research on the core of luxury vinyl planks is essential when considering the purchase of luxury vinyl (LVP) or stone-plastic composite (SPC) flooring. The core plays a pivotal role in determining the durability and performance of your flooring. Inferior core materials can be the root cause of problems such as LVP shifting, swelling, and overall subpar performance. In the following sections, we will delve into the essential core materials, their composition percentages, and how to verify if the product you intend to buy meets these criteria. By following this approach, we are confident that you will experience minimal issues and enjoy a long-lasting luxury vinyl floor.

What is a Luxury Vinyl Plank Floor Core?

Frequently, both large and small stores may neglect to provide detailed information about the core materials. The core encompasses everything situated below the film, which determines the design and color of the floor, and above the pad. Typically, it appears as a light gray layer and can be composed of a variety of materials in varying proportions. Typically a core can be named many different things, do not put a quality of a core on these different names – such as “Rigid Core”.

Why Worry About a Core of Luxury Vinyl Floor?

The core material is the pivotal element that influences the flooring’s suitability, resilience, and its potential lifespan within residential or commercial environments. A superior core generally guarantees the versatility of luxury vinyl plank flooring, making it suitable for various rooms and purposes. With a higher proportion of stone content, premium cores exhibit reduced movement, broadening their applicability beyond areas like bathrooms. Their lower PVC content translates to less expansion, enabling the flooring to be installed in spaces with windows and in colder homes during winter.

What is the Ideal Luxury Vinyl Core Then?

To achieve optimal results with your luxury vinyl flooring, it’s crucial to have an excellent core. The typical core of LVP flooring consists of a 1mm-1.5mm pad followed by a core containing PVC and stone content. Most importantly, if your luxury vinyl flooring lacks stone content, it is advisable not to use it, as this type of flooring tends to exhibit significant movement and is considered outdated.

The ideal core materials include:

  1. Virgin PVC
  2. Stone

For a top-notch flooring solution, aim for a core with 65% or more stone content. This high stone content ensures the durability of your floor, preventing movement and temperature-related issues compared to other luxury vinyl cores.